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 Lawn Care all summer long Boise Idaho

Environmental Pest control specializes in lawn care for Boise Idaho and the surrounding areas that will keep your yard looking clean and protected from pests and the diseases they carry.



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The first line

A lot of people think that the first defense for pest control starts within the walls of the home. Although a clean home reduces the chances of a pest invasion it is more complicated then just taking out the trash. The first defense starts in the yard and that is why Environmental pest control has decided to protect your home on the front lines. We didn’t stop there. Although we treat your trees and lawn for mosquitos,  billbugs, etc. We want your home looking it’s best.

 We fertilize to ensure that your lawn looks it’s best all summer long.

We add a nutrient boost to keep your grass healthy even during dry months.

With our fungicide coverage you won’t see a single mushroom.

With our weed control you can say goodbye to season weeds.



six rounds of lawn care for boise Idaho

We take care of your lawn in 6 rounds that start in the spring and will get your lawn the early nutrients  that it needs. Our last round of treatment is in the fall and will get your yard ready for the long winter break.

6 rounds of Lawn treatment for Boise Idaho


Local Lawn care Boise Idaho


Unlike our national brand competitors, local service means we use products are made in Idaho for Idaho soils.









After our treatments you might like your yard more then your living room… We wont judge you if you decide to move outside.😉


Lawn care Boise idaho

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  • "Envy did a great job. They took the time to explain what the best approach was to handle the pest problems I was concerned about. Then when the tech arrived I was impressed at the care he took with the initial treatment. I have used other pest services before and it always seems like they are racing to see how fast they can get done but that was not the case with Envi. Thanks Envi!!"-James B.

  • "This is our 2nd year of pest control services with Envi. they have always been extremely professional in attitude and their services are very affordable. The technician was very professional and personable."-Kathie B.

  • "Wow! Envi Pest Control was awesome! They did an estimate for my property and took the time to understand my concerns. They clearly explained the services that would be provided and how they would affect the pests. They were thorough and took special care of the concerning areas in and outside my home. I will definitely recommend ENVI to everyone I know!"